Big Ambition

“What am I going to do?!!”, I asked myself again. It’s a question we have all asked. What am I going to do? Not out of desperation or panic… but genuine curiosity. What am I going to do?

“What do you love? What pulls on your heartstrings, and calls you on and on across the Universe?”

I know the answer. I love the guitar. I love to paint.

BAM! Paint guitars. That’s exactly what I shall do.

“How do I do it?!!”, I asked Mike, my best friend who has been playing, building, and repairing guitars for about fifty years.

As I began to explain my idea, I started with number one: IT CANNOT BE A WALL PIECE. The instrument must maintain it’s musical integrity when all is said and done. It needs to be playable, so that I (or someone else) can strum it once the lacquer dries. Fine art that’s playable.

Number two: I’M NOT USING NITROCELLULOSE OR SHELLAC. Yes, it is quality material and looks great… but I’m not working in a gas mask. Gotta keep it clean and safe!

Enter polyurethane water based lacquer.

“Learn the process.” I told myself. “Learn from the mistakes you’ll make. Improve and perfect.” The results speak for themselves.


These instruments will last 150+ years. And the best part?

They sound awesome.

Welcome to my world.


Cort Earth 70 

“A trip to the Victoria Art Gallery allowed me to see many paintings by the great Canadian artist Emily Carr. The textbook pictures I had seen in the past did not do her work justice, and I left the gallery inspired. Her painting “Blue Sky” helped me to visualize the colours for the Cort design.” 
Solid spruce top, mahogany sides and back, Indian rosewood fretboard.


Guild D25

1979 vintage Guild acoustic. Inspired by Rush's last studio album, Clockwork Angels.
Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge, Honduras mahogany sides and back, solid spruce top.


Parkwood PW370M GC Cutaway Acoustic Electric

1:1 000 000 scale map of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes. You can navigate with this guitar! The wood grain is still visible through the water, adding some nice depth.
Solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides and back, rosewood fretboard and bridge.


Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood A6T

This guitar was inspired by Japanese water colour paintings I remember seeing in my art school days.  I took a different approach with Zoe by not painting the whole top.


Questions, comments or special requests? I’d love to hear from you!


Victoria BC Canada

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